Cultivating hope, compassion, connection and healing for over 23 years

Welcome to opportunities to expand and deepen your familiarity with the transformational life practice of Internal Family Systems therapy!

IFS “accidentally” discovered me in 2008, ten years into my career as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I was struggling with clinical burnout, discouragement and isolation. My IFS foundation was built working with Dick Schwartz individually for a year. I’ve maintained regular IFS therapy and supervision with two IFS Lead Trainers since 2009 and have been IFS Certified since 2010.

IFS kept me in the field and transformed my work and my relationships. This practice is life-giving and built on inclusion, compassion and curiosity. I am passionate about helping others experience and integrate this respectful and powerful framework into their lives.

I am available for: individual IFS Consultation (current students only), Process and Consultation Groups for Healers and IFS Clinicians (count towards IFS Certification if needed), Workshops and Speaking Engagements. Please look under my Offerings page for more details.

I am passionate about connecting and supporting healers globally to reduce burnout and isolation and help you be more Self-led, energized and effective. I help you deepen and embody this transformational life practice so that you can help others in a way that is sustainable and life-giving to you, too! IFS changed my life and is the reason I’m still in the field after 23 years with more energy and hope than I ever thought possible.

I’m IFIO Advanced trained, taught IFS Seminars for PESI, PA Level 1 & 2 Trainings, lead IFS Process & Consultation groups for IFS Healers and am an AAMFT Approved Supervisor. Areas of specialty include disordered eating, sexual trauma, couples, body-oriented practices, athletes, brain injuries and chronic illness.

For ongoing individual therapy, please visit the IFS-Institute website for a Certified IFS Therapists. Here are numerous IFS Resources as well. I look forward to connecting soon! 

You may Contact Me here.

I highly recommend Laura! She both knows IFS extremely well and is a great presenter.  Dr. Richard Schwartz, IFS Founder

“Laura Schmidt is money–very skilled and connected! You are lucky to have her on your team!”

Joanna McBride, MA, LCSW Temecula, CA

IFS Therapists and Practitioners

Apply for an upcoming IFS Consultation Group!

You’ll gain support and connection with IFS colleagues, expand and facilitate your own Self awareness, leadership and clinical application of the Model. Level 1+ Grads may count hours towards Certification. (No fee until registration.)

Being led by Laura in her IFS Consultation was like a nurturing reprieve from the day. I felt safe immediately with her and the group space because she fosters a welcoming and warm environment. Laura is a gentle leader and obvious expert in IFS and I appreciated the way she grounded the space with meditation, and made sure that everyone’s voice was heard if they needed that. Laura holds the consultative space openly but with reliability and clarity. Would strongly recommend Laura to anyone looking for an IFS teacher and leader. Being in the IFS consultative space with Laura was incredibly helpful in a short amount of time. Grateful for the experience and the learning.

Dr. Rachel Greenberg

Clinical Psychologist - Berkeley, CA

Laura offered such a genuine, compassionate, respectful, trauma-informed presence to our community, adding the level of safety my scared parts were concerned might be hard to achieve on Zoom. Even with so little time to tend to so many people, what a gift to see people’s triggered parts soften, relax, express, and heal right before our very eyes.

Laura’s IFS facilitation is a treasure to parts that are just desperate to be loved. She is a hope merchant for hopeless parts indeed.

Lissa Rankin

NY Times Bestselling Author, IFS Activist