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Increase your clinical effectiveness, clarity & ease as you learn to get out of your own way.

Internal Family Systems & AAMFT Approved Supervision, International Consultation & Mentoring

Laura Schmidt, LMFT

Mentor for Therapists
26 years clinical experience

Individual Consultation & Supervision

IFS teaches us how to relate to ourselves and one another from a place of inclusion, compassion and curiosity. Drawing from my experience as an AAMFT Clinical Supervisor and IFS Consultant with 26 years in the field, I mentor and support IFS and MFT Clinicians in their clinical journeys towards proficiency, inclusion and ethical decisions. 

I’ve maintained my own individual therapy, supervision and consultation for over 20 years and know first-hand that we can’t take clients and consultees any farther than we’ve gone ourselves. I have some mighty mentors to thank for their role in shaping me. 


I’ve led dozens of online IFS Consultation Groups for more than 300 consultees spanning over 33 countries and 19 time zones! Groups reduce burnout and empower clinicians to be more Self-led, energized and effective. You’ll increase your proficiency & confidence in IFS, learn how to care for your parts in session and how to be present for clients in a sustainable, life-giving way.


Through speaking engagements, workshops, and retreats, I give you a direct experience of the transformational life practice of IFS. Let me know how I can support you and your organization.


Dr. richard schwartz, ifs founder

“In addition to being a very strong IFS therapist, Laura is able to teach and supervise IFS clearly and thoroughly. I highly recommend her.”

Dr. Rachel Greenberg | Clinical Psychologist - Berkeley, CA

“Being led by Laura in her IFS Consultation was like a nurturing reprieve from the day. I felt safe immediately with her and the group space because she fosters a welcoming and warm environment. Laura is a gentle leader and obvious expert in IFS and I appreciated the way she grounded the space with meditation, and made sure that everyone’s voice was heard if they needed that. Laura holds the consultative space openly but with reliability and clarity.

I would strongly recommend Laura to anyone looking for an IFS teacher and leader. Being in the IFS consultative space with Laura was incredibly helpful in a short amount of time. Grateful for the experience and the learning.”

Lissa Rankin, MD NY Times Bestselling Author, IFS Activist

“Laura offered such a genuine, compassionate, respectful, trauma-informed presence to our community, adding the level of safety my scared parts were concerned might be hard to achieve on Zoom. Even with so little time to tend to so many people, what a gift to see people’s triggered parts soften, relax, express, and heal right before our very eyes.

Laura’s IFS facilitation is a treasure to parts that are just desperate to be loved. She is a hope merchant for hopeless parts indeed.”


Please visit my Consultation Page for details on current Offerings

or Contact Me to inquire about consulting with your group, workshops or retreats.

Elevate your practice with greater ease, presence & confidence

Step into a supportive space where curiosity, safety and Self leadership flourish. As a seasoned IFS Approved Clinical Consultant and AAMFT Supervisor with over 25 years of clinical experience, I’m here to help you access greater ease, clarity, and confidence as a healing professional. Discover how to welcome clinical obstacles, allowing your helper parts to relax and trust your wisest Self to allow for profound healing.

I offer:

  • IFS Consultation Groups for Pre-Level 1,  Level 1-3 Grads (under 4 years), L 2+ grads (more than 5 years) and Mentoring for Consultation Group Leaders
  • Visiting Consultant to an existing group or clinic
  • Monthly Individual Consultation (schedules permitting). Consultees have priority.
  • Monthly AAMFT Approved Group Supervision (as a secondary supervisor only)
  • Retreats, Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Please visit my Consultation Page for details on current Offerings

or Contact Me to inquire about consulting with your group, workshops or retreats.

About Laura Schmidt

IFS “accidentally” discovered me in 2008, ten years into my career as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I was burned out, discouraged and isolated. This transformational framework changed my life and kept me in the field 14 years later with more energy and hope than I ever could have imagined.

I am grateful and fortunate that my IFS foundation was built working with founder, Dr. Richard Schwartz, individually for a year in 2008. The past two summers I have assisted him for a weeklong training at the Cape Cod Institute.  I have maintained regular IFS therapy and supervision with two IFS Lead Trainers since 2009 and been IFS Certified since 2010. We can’t take our clients farther than we’ve gone ourselves. I’m committed to doing my work and supporting other Healers doing theirs.