Unblend from your helper parts, expand your Self energy, increase your confidence embodying and applying the Model. Clinical self doubt is welcome and expected. Connect with colleagues in a confidential setting and discover you are not alone in your clinical challenges and milestones! We’d love to welcome you and your parts.

Groups include any of the following:  Guided Meditation, Check in, Case Consultation, Q&A, Didactic Teaching and Brief Demos when I work with blended or activated clinical parts.

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I’ve been a family therapist for 25 years, IFSI Certified for 13. I’ve worked individually with and assisted Dr. Richard Schwartz and Mary Kruger (IFS Lead Trainer) for years. I’ve supervised and consulted nearly 200 mental health professionals from over 23 countries in my international online consultation groups. I’m committed to supporting IFS Professionals in their efforts to become more Self-led, inclusive, clear and proficient. I’d love to welcome and support you and your parts in a confidential group for expanded growth, confidence and awareness.



“I found your warmth and welcome incredibly powerful. I also really loved doing the extended introductions and our identities the first couple weeks. This was incredibly powerful and helped my parts not only get to  know the other participants but also to be able to resonate with so many of the parts’ of the other participants. This is a significant takeaway for me.”


“Laura has a unique and vibrant way of facilitating the IFS model. Her warmth, humility and truth telling is refreshing to experience in a supervisor and immediately put my parts at ease. Because of her ability to show up that way made my parts also want to be brave, unique and authentic with my clients and the groups I lead. Thank you for this!”

– Anonymous

“I have more confidence. I hear your voice as a guide sometimes in sessions with clients… feeling the Self energy of the consultation group in sessions with clients.”

Max Littman, LCSW

“I think the most important takeaway for me was to know it’s possible to have and feel the support of other professionals, who mostly in Self, could reflect and encourage each other. I especially felt that from Laura, with her humor and her ability to normalize struggles of being a therapist. (I’ve had support of others, but it’s been a while. This group felt very safe).”


“I definitely have more confidence in my own use of the model. I have also grown more in my ability to use the client’s body and somatic movement in the IFS flow when I watched you do it so expertly with a participant.”

Deborah Donndelinger, IFS-informed EFT practitioner, Maryland

“One of the most valuable aspects of being in the consultation group was a chance to deepen into the model with colleagues in an authentic way, especially as it relates to our therapist parts. Laura offers a down-to-earth warmth and genuine curiosity in her groups, with ample encouragement to bring what is on your heart.” 

-Adrienne Sloan, LPCC ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico