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Sunday Self-Care 06/19/22

Happy Sunday, Father's Day, Juneteenth! (as always with my mailings, I hope you'll display images, or you'll be missing out!) Perhaps today can allow you time with your younger internal parts, the ones who effortlessly imagine, create and bake cupcakes from...

Sunday Self-Care 05/28/22

Wondergirl at sunset and me receiving the sacred gifts of the canyon.  If you'd like a soothing soundtrack while you read, tune into The Music of the Grand Canyon by Nicholas Gunn. I discovered this album nearly 30 years ago and pulled it out of hiding recently.  I...

You are Loved, Update, Videos

My cactus plant waited years to bloom, so I'm capturing it to share a Valentine's Day reminder thatYOU ARE LOVEDYOU MATTERand YOU HAVE SOMETHING THE WORLD NEEDS! I hope you can tell your hard-working parts what they long to hear.You don't have to wait for a card, a...

Milestones, Photos & Fall IFS Consult Groups!

  Hello friends near and far, (You'll want to display images if you haven't seen them on Facebook or Instagram. I've reposted details for those who aren't on social media, although you'll always see more photos there. This is an unusually long mailing, since...