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Sunday Pause: Sunday Pause on Father’s Day 6/18

Since Father’s Day is a special holiday for us in Spokane, Washington, I wanted to share a few special facts with you before the personal IFS application. The very first Father’s Day celebration began in our little town thirty miles from Idaho on the third Sunday...

Sunday Pause: Sunday Pause with Grief 6/4

Thanks for opening this email, despite the subject line. When does one want to engage with grief anyway? Is there ever a “good” time? I’ve tried to send this mailing out for several Sundays now, but life has coincidentally handed me a new source of grief each week,...

Sunday Pause: How hard is it for you to ask for help? 4/23

It's been a significant week for our consultation community, as 8 month groups are gradually coming to a close. We’ve shared 16 hours connecting, supporting, learning and deepening our application and fluency in IFS—both professionally and personally. This work,...

Easter Sunday Pause 4/9/23

A range of traditions honor Passover, Ramadan and Easter this week. Easter morning brings back memories from my Lutheran childhood, dragging myself out of bed for a sunrise service thirty minutes away in the Huachuca mountains of southeastern Arizona. April...

Sunday Pause With a Range of Resources for You 3/5/23

Hello community, Included are a WIDE range of resources for you to peruse. Enjoy. Lots included! But first, from the last Sunday Pause, how are you doing extending loving kindness and gentleness towards your own parts--your thoughts, feelings, reactions, behaviors?...

Sunday Pause 2/5/23

February welcomes a few important traditions: February 1 marked the mid point between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, known as the pre-Christian holiday of Imbolc. We start to see the gradual shift in seasons, winter and sunlight. I thank one of my favorite...