IFS Certification Hours Documentation

IFS Certification Details

IFS Professionals can only begin to count Consultation hours towards IFS Certification AFTER graduating from a Level 1 through the IFS Institute.

For students looking for RE-Certification hours, you may count up to 10 hours of consultation with Laura towards Re-Certification. Please request documentation from Laura at least one month prior to your IFSI submission.

Click here for  IFS Certification details by the IFS Institute.

Find an IFS colleague who is familiar with the extent and length of your IFS practice to sign off on your 200 IFS client hours.  They do not need to be IFS certified, but must be trained in IFS. Laura cannot do this.

Your Certification Video Review

Your video session for submission must be done with a client from your professional practice. It cannot be done with an IFS therapist or a colleague.

Your Certification Video is reviewed by a Lead Trainer, not by Laura.  Trainers who can review videos for certification may be found   here.

Consultation Hours for IFS Certification

If you need Consultation Hours for IFS Certification, it is your responsibility to keep track of Dates, Type (Group or Individual) and Hours met.  

If you’re a ways off from submitting your Certification Application, keep careful track of your Consultation Hours (with me and whoever else). Once consultation with Laura is complete, please submit this information to Laura to confirm our records match. 


Recordings of missed meetings do NOT count towards certification hours (per the IFS Institute).

Form 7G of Certification Application

  1. PLEASE REQUEST LAURA’S SIGNED 7G FORM SUBMISSION TO IFSI at least 1 MONTH PRIOR TO SUBMITTING YOUR COMPLETED CERTIFICATION APPLICATION that includes your Approved Video (to be sure she’s available to submit it at the appropriate time).
  2. Complete your portion of Form 7G and email to Laura for her to complete and sign. Include which group you participated in, dates, meeting time and length and total number of group and/or individual hours of consultation with Laura.
  3. Tell Laura at least 1 month ahead of when you plan to submit your completed Certification Application to IFSI.
  4. Laura will confirm dates/hours and submit her completed Form 7G to IFSI when you mail in your Certification Application. IFSI wants them to arrive as close together as possible.
  5. Congratulations! You’re almost there!