IFS Consultation Interest List

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Consultation Groups are for IFS Professionals with Active Caseloads.
PLEASE BE SURE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS HAS NO TYPOS! We want to be sure we can reach you!
Which Group(s) are you interested in? all PST (Seattle) **Groups are designated based on your IFS experience***
Which Group(s) are you interested in based on your IFS level of experience? all PST (Seattle)*
Monthly Groups are offered 12-2pm Pacific Time (Seattle) Tuition is $1300 for Early Registration, $1400 Regular Registration
A few partial scholarships are offered each Set based on financial hardship, for members of under-represented groups or for exchange rate blues. If you would like to apply, please briefly describe your situation.
You will be emailed if a space opens up for you in an existing group or when the next group consultation set resumes. Thanks for your interest!