WAMFT Annual Conference

September 22–23, 2023

I’m thrilled that our thriving community in Eastern Washington finally gets to host the WA state annual MFT conference 9/22-23 with Keynote Speaker, Harry Aponte, who I learned about in Grad School at Syracuse University. Also, my introduction to IFS came at this very conference in Seattle in 2008, so this annual event holds a special place in my heart.

I’m honored to present the workshop, “Tell me More: Exploring the Highlights and Challenges of Online Group Consultation” on Saturday, 9/23, which will be just a taste of what’s to come in my upcoming new group for Consult Group Leaders.

The focus of this conference is the Self of the Therapist—what I believe is the most important component to our healing work. Identifying, getting space from, befriending Therapist parts and leading from our Self of the Therapist is certainly a focus of my consultation groups.

Join us in person or virtually for a rich 2 days of learning and connection!

September 22–23
Attend in person or virtually