Experience IFS Live in a Supportive Community!

Guided IFS Meditation, Group Share, Teaching, Q&A, Live Brief Demos


Wednesday Pause for Calm and Connection is CURRENTLY ON PAUSE! I’ll update this when we resume. Thank you!

FIRST WEDNESDAY EACH MONTH: FREE Pause for Calm & Connection Guided IFS Meditation & Group Share 12-12:45pm PT

EXTENDED PAUSE & PARTS BEFRIENDING is currently on a Pause & Includes:

  • Guided Meditation and Group Share
  • Q&A & IFS teaching: I respond to your Ask Me Anything! questions submitted 24H ahead.
  • Brief Demos (5-15 min.) with volunteers and Laura– tending to parts that are present and want attention. You’ll experience IFS directly or as a witness. This is not therapy and group members agree to maintain Group Confidentiality.

I’m grateful for your interest in befriending your unique and intricate Internal Family System!

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Please email support@lauraschmidtlmft.com for technical or registration concerns.

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“This is a safe, respectful, and nonjudgmental space to know and embrace every part of yourself. I started by being curious about what was going on within me, which began a gentle journey of soul mending. I found IFS to be a loving and accepting framework for understanding myself and tending to the wounded parts of me. And, wow, doing this with other people within this group, is so powerful! I can bring any and all of me and be known. Laura is the kindest of guides, she asks the questions that get to the heart of the matter. She creates learning opportunities throughout the session and facilitates with expertise and authentic care. This group is a soft, safe place to land.”   H.D.

I appreciated how Laura welcomed everyone to the group and created a safe environment. She was personable and professional.   KL, Oregon