Welcome, IFS Therapists & Practitioners (or aspiring ones)

with active caseloads from around the globe!

If you’re looking for support to be more Self-led, proficient and effective, you are in the right place.

My groups are unique by offering separate groups based on your IFS experience level… from Pre Level 1, L1+/Stepping Stone/ThinkingHeart Grads, to L2+/Advanced groups.


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Join us as we pause together, welcome your hard-working Healer parts and tend to your IFS questions and challenges. You’ll get to unblend and befriend from parts and deepen your experience and confidence applying the Model to your work.

The more Self led you are, the greater ease and spaciousness you will embody, and the more effective you will be!

My 24 years as a family systems psychotherapist and supervisor motivate me to offer fellow healers the connection, support and teaching so vital to our demanding work. I have supervised MFTs and IFS Professionals since 2014 and have consulted over 140 students.

Consultation groups are about building community and continuity, offering a safe container for you to share your clinical questions, vulnerabilities and victories. You are not alone in your clinical challenges; we can’t do this important work alone, in isolation. I’m committed to providing you and your hard-working internal system the support, teaching and connection it deserves. 

All (live, not recorded) consultation hours count towards Certification and Re-Certification for IFS Level 1 Grads.

“Laura has so much Self energy and is a great parts detector! She also does a wonderful job of respectfully and confidently holding the structure and container of the consultation group. I felt safe every step of the way. She is most definitely a skilled IFS therapist and consultant.”  Robin Barre, PhD, LMHC 

“The consolidation and clarification of the vast amount of material I’ve been exposed to at the Cape Cod Institute and Online Circle— was the greatest value of the consultation group for me–along with meeting some amazing therapists and getting the benefit of Laura’s experience with and understanding of the model as well. I passed the OC CE test on the first try, all 250 questions of it, with a score of 95%. I’m very grateful.”  ​Amy Klatzkin, LMFT, San Francisco, CA

Two students reflect after Laura worked with Nancy’s blended “Worker” part who worries Nancy will “do it wrong” in session:

Groups include: Guided Meditation,
Group Sharing, Case Consultation, Q&A, Didactic Teaching, Experientials, Live Brief Demos with Laura

  • Increase your IFS Confidence, Competence, and Self-energy.
  • Unblend from and Befriend your Caregiver Parts.
  • Reduce burnout, isolation, and clinical overwhelm.
  • Watch or experience the Model directly during brief, live demos with Laura.
  • Get your IFS Questions Answered.
  • Staff Cases with decades of collective experience and training.
  • All students are expected to present at least one case for consultation. 
  • Receive validation and input from international IFS colleagues (from Hawaii, N. & S. Americas, Europe, Asia…!) 
  • Expand your own Self awareness, Leadership and Presence in a confidential, supportive space.
  • Count Group Hours towards IFS Certification & Re-Certification (L1+ grads)

Email us if you have questions or if your desired group has already begun. 

Students say Laura’s Consultation groups offer them:

  • A wonderful resource to practice, learn and gain support.
  • Helpful and heart-opening feedback on clinical challenges.
  • A safe and supportive space for discussing challenging cases.
  • An opportunity to meet and tend to my own therapist parts.

5-6 Months of Small Group Experience and Community

12 hours total Live Group time  $1095 (less than $195 per month)

or Tues Pre L1 12pm for 5 months, 5 meetings, 10 hours total ($945)

Refer a colleague who registers for a group & receive $100 off tuition or credit for an upcoming Offering!

 All times are Pacific Time/Seattle.

Group recordings are available if you miss a meeting.

Each group member is expected to submit at least 1 case for Group Consultation during their Set.  You’ll sign up for a specific date after our first meeting.

Your investment gives you:

  • An intimate, confidential, supportive Group of 6 -10 motivated peers
  • Learning from and connecting with international colleagues
  • Access to Private All Student Landing Page with Forms, Case Consultation Questions, etc.
  • IFSI Approved Group Consultation Hours towards IFS Certification & Re-Certification 
  • Access to Group Recordings throughout your Group Set (viewable only by you)
  • Direct Access to Laura’s breadth and depth of knowledge and experience as a family systems therapist for 24 years, Certified IFS Therapist for 12 years, Approved AAMFT Supervisor and IFS Consultant for Certification, with some mighty mentors to thank!

I appreciate the financial, scheduling, and emotional commitment of registering for a group. Some students join a group for the Certification hours. Others register once, twice or repeatedly after experiencing the value and importance of this community for supporting their ongoing professional and personal development. Students build the commitment into their monthly schedule and business expenses and know that investing less than $200 per month into this experience is time and money well spent.

All Consult Hours with Laura are Approved for IFS Certification & Recertification if needed

Payments are Non-Refundable, unless a Group does not meet the minimum number of 6 students to run. 

A few partial scholarships are available each Set to individuals experiencing financial hardship or who belong to under-represented groups. If you would like to apply for a scholarship please email Laura and describe your situation in a few sentences. We will notify you if a scholarship is available.


12:00 – 2:00pm PT

Pre Level 1: need prior IFS Intro 

1/31, 2/28, 3/28, 4/25, 5/16, 6/13


4:00-6:00pm PT
 Pre Level 1 – need prior IFS Intro

proposed dates: 1/31, 2/28, 3/28, 4/25, 5/23, 6/13

Wednesday L1+
11:00am-1:00pm PT  

Level 1+ / Stepping Stones/Thinking Heart Grads 

01/25, 02/22, 03/22, 04/19, 5/17, 6/14

Register to join us in Feb!

Wednesday L2+
4:00-6:00pm PT

Advanced Level 2+ or prior approval

2/1, 3/1, 3/29, 4/26, 5/17, 6/14

Register to join us in March!

Thursday L1+ 
3:00 – 5:00pm PT Group A 

Level 1+ /Stepping Stones/ Thinking Heart Grads 

Sign up for interest list if a seat becomes available:

02/16, 03/09, 04/06, 05/04, 06/08

Thursday L1+
3:00 – 5:00pm PT  Group B

Level 1+ /Stepping Stones/ Thinking Heart Grads 
1/26, 2/23, 3/23, 4/20, 5/18, 6/15

Register to join us in Feb!

“Laura’s consult group has been a wonderful addition to my circle of support. I feel safe with Laura at the helm and I highly recommend her groups to my fellow IFS therapists or practitioners. If you are practicing without peer support you are really missing out. Getting feedback from up to 8 others on challenges you are having is incredibly helpful and heart-opening. I have a part that thinks he doesn’t need support. This group has proven him wrong.”

~Everett Considine, Certified Level 3 IFS Practitioner and Co-author of “ReZoom” from Bright Line Eating

“Laura so naturally creates this safe, sacred space which invites the group to really drop in deeply and bypass any masky pretenses and connect with real treasure both for our psychotherapy parts but most of all for the nourishment of ourselves as a whole.  I walked away with immediate support in using IFS with my clients and also feel rejuvenated, so I’m bringing more Self energy to my clients (and my family and friends and life). I feel honored to sing the praises of Laura and this gorgeous offering.”

~ Shimila Keenum, LCSW

“I highly recommend joining Laura’s consultation group/s. Her gentle, warm and authentic presence creates safety that encourages curiosity to learn. She seamlessly weaves personal and professional awareness that makes for a truly special experience.”  M.F.

“Laura is warm, open, gentle and committed to encouraging you in your practice. She offers the wisdom of her experience of IFS therapy as well as inviting this from us. She sensitively facilitates you to consider your inner process.”

~Melanie (UK) BACP ACC Psychotherapeutic Counsellor Level 3 IFS

Laura is particularly talented at creating a safe, warm, intellectually stimulating and welcoming space.
Her group is perfectly balanced – there is time for connection and support with other therapists and plenty of space for IFS-focused learning.
I walk away from each group with a new nugget of IFS wisdom from Laura and my peers. It is a space that is recharging, energizing, and fun.

~ Carrisa Aresta LCSW, Portland, OR

“Being able to discuss challenging cases was so helpful! Additionally, witnessing Laura work one-on-one with other members of the group was very powerful and informative.”

~Tiffany Forsyth, Spokane