Register for Feb-May Consult Group Sets. We have begun! Last chance 'til Sept!

“Laura has a unique and vibrant way of facilitating the IFS model. Her warmth, humility and truth telling is refreshing to experience in a supervisor and immediately put my parts at ease. Her ability to show up that way made my parts also want to be brave, unique and authentic with my clients and the groups I lead. Thank you for this!” – Consult Group Member

“Laura is particularly talented at creating a safe, warm, intellectually stimulating and welcoming space.
Her group is perfectly balanced – there is time for connection and support with other therapists and plenty of space for IFS-focused learning.  I walk away from each group with a new nugget of IFS wisdom from Laura and my peers. It is a space that is recharging, energizing, and fun.”  ~ Carrisa Aresta LCSW, Portland, OR


Are you a healing professional who completed a multi-day, IFS Intro that you’re ready to build on (e.g. Online Circle, PESI courses, Cape Cod Institute)?

Are you wondering how to introduce IFS to your cliients? Do you know which of your parts interfere in session? Let me help you access more Self energy and confidence in session.

  • $797 
  • 4 meetings / 8H live consultation time
    2/15, 3/7, 4/18, 5/9 (view Feb’ recording)
  • Thursday 12-2pm PST

IFS Level 1-3 grads  (counts towards Certification)  FULL!

Parts Check In, Group Process, Case Consultation (may include video share), Didactic Teaching, Q&A, Brief Demos with Laura


5 meetings / 10H live consultation time
2/29, 3/28, 4/25, 5/16, 6/6

12-2pm PST (Seattle) 

Group limited to 6 members


For advanced therapists or practitioners seeking to lead and launch their own consultation groups!

Get the support and mentorship you need –whether you’re just getting started or already leading groups. We’ll address practical Behind the Scenes details and active parts to give you the confidence, clarity and success you want

  • $997
  • 4 meetings / 8H live consultation time
    2/21, 3/20, 4/17, 5/15
  • Wed 12-2pm PST (Seattle)

Welcome to our international IFS Consultation Group Community! We look forward to meeting you soon!

Registration includes  direct access to Laura’s 26 years of clinical experience, 16 years as an IFS therapist with some mighty mentors to thank, access to group recordings and connection with colleagues across the world!  

“In addition to being a very strong IFS therapist, Laura is able to teach and supervise IFS clearly and thoroughly. I highly recommend her.” Dick Schwartz, IFS Founder

Laura offered such a genuine, compassionate, respectful, trauma-informed presence to our community, adding the level of safety my scared parts were concerned might be hard to achieve on Zoom. Even with so little time to tend to so many people, what a gift to see people’s triggered parts soften, relax, express, and heal right before our very eyes.

Laura’s IFS facilitation is a treasure to parts that are just desperate to be loved. She is a hope merchant for hopeless parts indeed.

Lissa Rankin, MD NY Times Bestselling Author

“Laura’s groups were fantastic. If you’re looking for a supportive IFS Consultation group look no further. Not only did I get tips and strategies for working with my clients, I also was able to reflect on my own parts and how they show up with my clients. I’m always looking for ways to grow and develop as an IFS practitioner and Laura’s groups helped me further this journey. Thanks Laura!!”  Alex Bishop, RPC, Nova Scotia, Canada

“Very grateful to have gotten into a group consultation with you, Laura. The safety, vulnerability, and warmth that you facilitate, in addition to your expertise, have absolutely allowed me to relax and allow my Self energy to lead myself both personally and professionally!”  –PS, Registered Psychologist practicing in Alberta, Canada

“The consolidation and clarification of the vast amount of material I’ve been exposed to was the greatest value of the consultation group for me, along with meeting some amazing therapists and getting the benefit of Laura’s experience with and understanding of the model as well. I’m very grateful.”

~Amy Klatzkin, LMFT, San Francisco