IFS Healers, 

Pause and Connect  with your tribe & your parts!

Fri, Sat or Sun for a 3H Mini-Retreat

Guided Meditation, Group Process, Experientials, Brief Demos…we choose together what your parts need and want.

Mini-Retreat Pauses offer a supportive, brave space for Level 1+ IFS Grads to focus on YOUR parts, your internal system, not your clients or all the other people you care for. This is YOUR time—with YOUR IFS tribe!

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Refer an IFS colleague who registers and receive a lil’ discount!

  • For IFS Clinicians (Level 1+ grads) who want to deepen your understanding and application of the IFS framework personally–which will extend to your work and relationships. While this group isn’t therapy, per se, it will be therapeutic and impact your own self understanding, facility of the Model and Self Leadership.
  • Applies the Model to your internal and external systems through guided meditation, experiential exercises, didactic teaching, live demos, smaller and larger group sharing.
  • Is different than my Consultation Groups, in that the focus here is applying IFS to YOUR relationship with your internal system and how you interact with others. Consult groups focus more on your therapist parts and specific clinical concerns
  • Is not eligible for CEs.
  • Does not qualify for IFS Certification hours. (My consultation groups do, but not these Pauses…yet!)

“Laura’s process group is a perfect place to do some internal exploration and allow for some parts to speak who may not otherwise get the chance to be seen and honored.” 

Jeff Wallace, LICSW

Some background on why I’m passionate about leading groups: 

After my first ten years as an LMFT, I was well on my way to abandoning the field as a burned out, discouraged, isolated and parts-driven clinician. I ended up discovering IFS “accidentally”  in 2008, which ended up keeping me in the field and saving my life–essentially. (more on that another time!) 

My IFS foundation was built working as a client over the phone with Dick Schwartz for a year.  I have maintained therapy with an IFS Lead Trainer since 2009. I know how essential it is for us as therapists to make our own internal work a priority. We need to do the work we’re asking clients to do–which enables us to be a more Self led and effective conduit for healing and transformation. 

Facilitating groups for clinicians is one of my favorite parts of my work–largely because I believe in you and know how important YOUR SELF is for expanding and modeling Self energy. I also know how isolating our work can be and how rare and important it is for clinicians to connect with one another and speak for parts in a safe, brave space.  It’s hard to find these spaces outside of our intimate and rich IFS Trainings. I also believe in helping caregivers take time focused entirely on YOU and YOUR parts—not anyone else’s!