You’re invited to a Wednesday Pause for Calm & Connection

Guided Meditation and optional Group Sharing: Live on Zoom the first Wednesday of the month 12:15 – 45 pm Pacific Time

All are welcome! This is a kind-hearted group of folks from all over the country and often across the pond. The sessions are not cumulative, although the more often you practice, the more fluent and easily you can BE with your responses and emotions from a calm, curious, compassionate place. Feel free to invite others.

The mediations are woven from Internal Family Systems and Mindful Self Compassion practices. This is a process to help you experience spaciousness and curiosity towards your emotions and behaviors. This practice helps you be less reactive and more open-hearted–to have more choices in how you respond, rather than your emotions or parts taking over and running your show.

Our Pause supports your journey of befriending feelings and responses (i.e. parts) you may be working hard to manage or tolerate amidst the storm we are collectively weathering.  We’re connecting and supporting one another as we access more calm, curiosity, compassion, and spaciousness within.

You’re encouraged to keep your video on so that we can feel a sense of community and connection, but of course, you’re not required if it’s one of those days! You might just be curious towards the parts who don’t want to be seen and ask what they want to show you about that. Just welcome them and see what they need.

How the Pause for Calm and Connection Began

We began Pausing together weekly on March 25, just as the country began social isolating due to Covid-19.  This offering was initially a leap of faith in giving something to the greater community during this global crisis. I was motivated to do this by dealing with my own emotional hardship from years of severe social isolation and limitations due to a brain injury suffered in 2010.

What to expect during a Pause for Calm & How to Prepare

You’ll receive the link for the zoom meeting and dial-in phone number in the email you’ll receive *on the day of the Pause) after signing up below.

Be sure you check your camera and audio to ensure it is working prior to the meeting. Here is a link to do a test and make sure everything is working properly. Or click this link if this is your first Zoom visit.

I open the meeting at noon Wednesday so you can login and get settled before we begin at 12:15 pm. You will be automatically muted and can choose to turn your camera off if you prefer that, though seeing your faces is always encouraged to help connect our community. I welcome us, lead a 10-15 minute meditation, then give you a few minutes for writing or quiet reflection before opening the call to any Group Members who would like to share an insight or discovery.

I look forward to our gently expanding circle of connection and support. Thanks, for helping make our world a more loving and open-hearted place.

Please provide your email to receive Wednesday’s Zoom link and Pause updates–just 3-5 emails a month, unless there’s a special event that deserves  more. I promise NOT to overwhelm your Inbox (given the state of mine!). My Pause for Calm mailings also include current IFS Resources and My Current Offerings. 

Welcome to our community! I’m grateful you’re here!

Please click this address if any troubles or questions arise.

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