Therapeutic orientation and clinical style

My therapeutic approach is systemic, contextual, strength-based and client-focused.  We work together to understand how your external and internal systems interact and impact you both positively and negatively. These systems include your relationships (past and present) as well as cultural, medical, financial, spiritual and physical components. We’ll also consider the dynamics, patterns and belief systems within your family of origin (FOO). Together, we examine how your life’s context impacts your presenting concerns.

My clinical style is strength-based as I help you identify and utilize resources within your life in order to gain greater clarity, insight, confidence and peace of mind. This will come as you learn to understand and have compassion for your internal system, your behaviors, thoughts, emotions and reactions. Our work is to help you to lead your life from a centered, wise, calm, compassionate place/source, rather than experience your life being driven by parts (e.g. stress, anger, depression, addictions, etc.) that have developed over time to protect you and help you survive. We’re working to find balance within your internal system, where parts don’t overreact in unhealthy ways.

Client-focused means that you are in the driver’s seat of the therapeutic journey and I am your facilitator and support. Ultimately you and your internal system determine the pace and the depth of our work together, although I will encourage and challenge you to address necessary areas. You feeling safe and trusting the process is most important.