Sunday Self-Care 08/21/2022

Aug 23, 2022 | Newsletters, Sunday Pause Mailing

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Here’s a Sunday nudge to encourage you to slow down and find something today that soothes your body and your spirit. What sounds good to your parts? Can you make that happen or have you already? What would help you start a new week feeling more grounded and Self-led?

Pause. Exhale. Listen Inside.

After enjoying the first extended, quiet morning alone in awhile, I spent some time on work and look forward to hanging out in and on cold water in a few hours on this hot summer day!

Speaking of cold water, here’s a photo and short video from an Austrian lake at about 8000 feet that called my name on a recent hike with Erik. He knows me well enough to try and include a lake whenever possible when he selects hiking routes. Although he may not tell me in advance (like this time) so I’m not disappointed if it doesn’t work out for a myriad of reasons! Hopefully you get a taste of the expanse and beauty that he unexpectedly captured from the ridge above. I had no idea I was creating ever expanding concentric circles of water until I saw the photos.

Isn’t nature magical?

Until I started a year-round cold water practice (a few short dips a week and at the end of most every shower), my goal had been just to jump in an alpine lake on hot days and get out as fast as I could. Now that the cold water and I have become better friends, the activity is much different. The goal isn’t just to do it and exit asap, it’s the inverse: stay in and receive the gifts of the cold for as long as possible.

I can still feel this refreshing water that no other hikers dared enter. Gradually increasing my tolerance to cold water the past year is paying off, enabling me to fully submerge and float in expansive bellies of unique, magnificent pockets of solace and beauty across the US and now overseas.  I’ve been known to travel with water thermometers :~0 but am getting better estimating temperatures by feel. It’s based on how long I can keep my fingers, face and head below the surface. This water was likely low 50sF/10ishC, an inhospitable temperature a year ago, now one I delight in!

What does the cold have to teach me? How can the cold water replenish my brain, body and spirit? I never know how long I’ll be in and let my body tell me when it’s time to get out. This practice is a good lesson in slowing down because I can’t rush the process. This practice takes a cushion of time, and that’s a good thing!

Isn’t this how life’s challenges often present themselves? The less we resist and fight against them, the more bearable they become. Or the more open our heart becomes and the less stressful the process can be. When I resist cold water and keep commenting how cold it is, the colder it feels. Truly! When I enter and breathe into the cold, be with it and not fight it, it’s more doable, enjoyable and beneficial.

Nature is my sanctuary and always has been. Amen.

What physical experience replenishes you deeply?

or what physical experience would you like to try and venture into? expand your comfort zone and step into it? Feel free to reply here!

We’re working on setting these mailings up in a format where our community can interact with one another and see one another’s comments. I can’t wait for that to happen! If there are any Substack masters in the house, please let me know!

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Setting Boundaries with Clients. When to say No, Refer Out?

When to Self-disclose? How transparent should I be?

Direct Access (Explicit and Implicit)

Legacy & Cultural Burdens, Spiritual Bypassing, Unattached Burdens

Food Issues/”Disordered” eating, Sexual Trauma, Borderline, Suicidal Parts

Sending extra Self energy as we kiss summer goodbye. I look forward to connecting with some of you soon in our Consultation Community!