As a fairly new IFS therapist I have found Laura provides a very safe space for the deep self-reflection that is so necessary in a supervision space. I feel supported by Laura’s empathic presence, good humour and embodied sense of the IFS model, along with her Self energy and deep knowledge of working with people therapeutically. I would recommend Laura for anyone looking for supervision.

Stephanie Mitchell ~ Adelaide, Australia

Laura not only gave me insight into life long traumas, but also tools to begin chipping away at the stronghold these past events had over me. Through IFS Laura taught me  how to dwell in the same space with pain and trauma and accept it, without hating it and trying to shove it into a box with a tight lid. To begin to actually observe traumatic parts of  my life and to experience calm instead of panic, has been life changing. I am an adult child of an alcoholic and also a survivor of osteomyelitis with seven surgeries and an opiate recovery  in my past. Laura’s instruction and guidance with IFS has created hope  and progress in places I did not think could improve. Thank you Laura and  don’t worry, I will keep working toward the goals we set.
With much gratitude,


Before working with Laura and the IFS model, I didn’t think therapy would work for me. From our first visit, I felt completely comfortable with her. She fully embodies all of the characteristics of Self, and respectfully guides the body and mind to deeper layers of clarity and calm. Over the past few years, she has played a tremendous role in helping my spouse and I to create an intentional marriage. I would recommend exploring the IFS model to anyone!


IFS as a model of therapy (in general) and Laura (in particular) have been life saving for me. Trauma makes navigating life difficult and Laura helped me navigate the especially difficult landscape of the mind and heart, my thoughts and feelings. That Laura has herself been through trauma gave her empathy and connected us in a real way. She has the skill that comes from years of practice and the intuition that comes from years of living life. I’ll never be able to express my gratitude for her skillful companionship over the years.


Laura puts her heart and soul into her trainings. Her dedication to living, learning and helping others incorporate IFS into their lives is truly inspiring. Her compassion and intellect are cornerstones in her practice and trainings. She brings IFS to life through experiential processes that have really helped me personally and professionally.

Lucy A. DePaolo, LICSW

I first learned about IFS in one of Laura’s informational workshops. The simple exposure to the IFS model clearly resonated with me, and I sought to do more IFS work with a certified therapist. I am a survivor of childhood neglect and sexual abuse, with anxiety and PTSD issues that have stayed with me well into my mature adulthood.  I’ve done lots of groups and different kinds of talk therapy over the years. The work I am doing with IFS is the final piece of the puzzle.  I have experienced more relief, healing and transformation with IFS than anything I’ve ever done. I truly feel different inside as my parts can finally to speak up and release their pain.  This is not just talking about my trauma; this real change and growth that is core deep.

P.S. Spokane, WA

Laura has helped enrich my life through IFS in a huge way. IFS provides me with stepping stones to navigate tough phases of depression, anxiety and stress. Laura is great at teaching the components of IFS in a way that I can quickly apply them to my day.