Welcoming a New Year!

Jan 4, 2023 | Newsletters, Sunday Pause Mailing

Welcoming a Happy New Year, friend!

We’ve collectively navigated a lot since my last mailing 12/18, with holiday preparations and celebrations, weather and travel challenges, family and social gatherings to attend—or not, reflecting on the past year and the year to come… and all. that. stuff.

How did things go for you and your parts over the holidays?
Did your parts take over in the midst of stressful or challenging circumstances? Or were they able to relax a little bit and trust you to lead?

How’s it going offering your parts more grace and kindness?
(I often remember this one after the fact…sigh.)

The past few weeks have inundated most of us with a realm of invitations related to shifting into a new year—usually with supportive intentions. We’re introduced to workouts, meditations, books, prompts to find our word for ’23, nudges to help us clarify intentions or resolutions, what we want to be different in ‘23, what we want to continue doing, etc.

I’m tired just typing these out. There are so many worthy prompts to pursue right now. Which one(s) are right for me? What makes sense for me?

I considered a realm of topics for today’s mailing, until my system made it clear to keep this mailing short and sweet and trust that you’re discerning just the right arrangement for you and your parts as we embark on a new year.

Here are two photos from our neck of the woods (display your images!) which embody what I’ve been mulling over recently. I hope these offer you some morsels to chew on and get curious about. Keep listening inside.

and I included a favorite poem this time of year at the end…

Which parts who worked so hard for you in ’22 can you acknowledge and celebrate?

Which of these parts wants to collaborate with you in the new year?

Where they can soften a little bit and let you lead? They can serve as advisor, support or guide. I’m inviting courage to come with me into ’23! How about you?

Looking ahead to a new year, join me in embracing these intentions:

I carry and embody___(name that quality from ’22)___ into ’23

& I want to open my heart to __(new quality)__ this year.

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